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MINTACS is the Mine Warfare Tactical Command Software developed to increase the effectiveness of the capabilities of a naval Mine Warfare and Clearance Diving (MCD) Force.

MINTACS is the world's leading Naval Mine Warfare Command Support System.

MINTACS is in service with a significant number of navies around the world including: the Royal Australian Navy, UK Royal Navy, Royal Swedish Navy, Royal New Zealand Navy, Royal Malaysian Navy, and Royal Thai Navy.

It provides the Mine Warfare Force Commander with the latest technology to conduct both mining and mine counter measures in today’s complex maritime environment.

MINTACS is a comprehensive Tactical Command software suite which enables the Mine Warfare Force Commander and operations staff to plan missions, monitor tasking and conduct detailed assessment of mission progress, as well as post mission analysis, from an individual asset or total force perspective.

MINTACS integrates the core tools required to conduct MCM missions. Advanced algorithms are used to calculate mine clearance and threat. Inputs such as asset performance data can be selected from the database or entered directly into the tool.

The Tactical Display presents the backdrop of hydrographic and environmental data vital to informed decision making. It also provides the developing tactical picture of the mine warfare operation.

The system is customisable for use within mine warfare operations, and at maritime and joint forces headquarters.

The standalone variant is suitable for laptops or individual workstation computers. The network variant has been cleared for installation on large classified networks.

MINTACS can also be customised to suit the specific requirements of a customer, including the interface to the tactical data system of the mine warfare naval vessels.

MINTACS is continually being developed and improved based on advanced in naval mine warfare and from operational feeback from our customers, and continues to evolve with the changing nature of modern naval mine warfare practises and procedures.

Recent developments include the extensive use of Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUVs).

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